We became a community group for two reasons.  Firstly, we wanted to be part of the wider growing community in Leeds, as opposed to a school group.  Secondly, we had no money, no pots, seeds, compost or equipment!

After our first meeting in Summer 2010, we had our first activity day in the Autumn of 2010. The Bracken Edge PTA donated £70 to the group to buy a few hand tools and Spring bulbs, which we planted around the school grounds.  We planted tulips, daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops. Over 30 parents and children came to help out and add a splash of colour to the school.

WE then identified our first area to give a make over to. A large brick raised bed by the school entrance gate.  For many years this had been neglected. The bulbs no longer flowered under the compacted soil which had been jumped on over many years by the pupils at the school. 

As we had no money, we started to approach local businesses for support.  Lidl gave us a £30 donation and our local garden centre "Strikes" agreed to donate ripped bags of compost and grow bags, over 40!  Alas Strikes is no more.

We decided to use the bed to demonstrate how gardening did not have to be expensive or involved fancy equipment and tools.  We help a Lasagne Bed Day in late February 2010.  Along with the ripped compost bags, we collected leaves from the local park and woods, shredded paper form local offices, manure from a local stable,cardboard and newspaper, animal bedding, in particular guinea pig and chicken manure from a local neighbour, and vegetable and fruit peelings from the school community.


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